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THC E-Liquid Pineapple Express

\nPineapple Express – Hybrid \n \nPineapple Express is probably the name of a famous movie released in 2008, but do you know it is also the name of cannabis strain? This is fairly a newly-found strain that quickly gained popularity due to its sweet smoke. It became one of the favorites for the Dutch and also some of the famous pot smokers, almost half a decade before the release of the movie. This hard-hitting strain is a crossbred of flavorful Trainwreck and Hawaiian. \n \nUsage \n \nThe tall growing plant is a moderately easy plant to grow and yields flower within 8 weeks. Pineapple Express is an excellent choice for all recreational users. It has a very high THC content, which is at 27%. On the other hand, it has 0% CBD content. The three notable flavors are Pineapple, Sweet and Tropical. Due to its high THC content, it is best taken in the afternoon. It leaves you feeling energetic and euphoric. The powerful buzz will have you floating through the air in no time. It gives you a mild body numb that is followed by a happy high feeling. This strain is also good to induce creativity, productivity and also the energy to talk. It gives you a motivation to get going with your busy day. Similarly, if you are on a holiday, it gets you ready to embark on an adventure. \n \nMedicinal benefits \n \nAlthough it may look like a strain that is good for recreational purpose, it is an excellent strain for medical use too. As it lifts the mood up and paves way for creativity, those who are suffering from depression, chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, and restlessness can turn to this strain to keep their mind focused on work. With its mild sedative properties, it can also be a cure for mild pain, inflammation, migraines and also muscle tightness. \n \nEffects \n \nPineapple Express has high THC content which could make new users feel paranoid. In addition, dry mouth has been noticed to be one of its side effects. \n