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Frequently Asked Questions

Nature’s Way Delivery: Your Essential Guide to Ordering Cannabis

At Nature’s Way Delivery, we are steadfast in our commitment to offering top-quality products, discreet delivery, and unparalleled customer service. Here's a detailed FAQ to assist you through your shopping experience with us.

Packaging and Discretion How do our packaging methods ensure product integrity? For optimal product quality and longevity, we adopt a rigorous approach. All products are vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness. Then, they are dispatched via a reputable courier service in nondescript envelopes. This ensures not only product quality but also discretion for our customers.

Is signing upon delivery mandatory? For orders under $500, there's no need for a signature unless you specifically request it. We've structured our delivery process to be as hassle-free and unobtrusive as possible.

Delivery Timelines What's the standard delivery time? Orders placed from Monday to Thursday before 4:00 pm valued over $100 typically reach customers in two to three business days. For orders below $100, the delivery window extends to two to four business days. Orders placed on Fridays before the cutoff time for amounts exceeding $100 are generally delivered by Monday or Tuesday, based on your location. Orders made over the weekend are dispatched on Monday and are set to arrive in the subsequent two to three business days.

Statewide Delivery Can I have my order delivered outside California? While our courier service covers all 50 states, Nature’s Way Delivery exclusively serves the Californian market. However, if you reside outside of California, reach out to us. We can direct you to our trusted affiliates in your state. Please ensure you’re compliant with your local cannabis regulations.

Returns & Defects Is there a return or exchange policy? All sales with us are conclusive. We currently don't offer returns or exchanges. However, if you encounter a faulty product, please notify us promptly. Our team is dedicated to rectifying any issues swiftly.

Offers & Subscriptions How can I stay updated on promotional offers? To keep abreast of our exclusive offers and deals, navigate to our “Sign Up” page and register.

Legal and Usage Information Is recreational cannabis purchase allowed? Yes, if you're 21 or above and located in our Californian delivery zones, you can buy both recreational and medicinal cannabis. Nature’s Way Delivery rigorously adheres to Proposition 64, which legalizes recreational cannabis for those 21 and over in California. Age verification via a valid state ID or passport is mandatory for purchase.

Cannabis legality in California? In California, possessing and using cannabis is permissible for individuals aged 21 and over. Nature’s Way Delivery operates with a valid license (C9-18-0000145-TEMP). However, according to federal statutes, cannabis remains a controlled substance.

Tracking and Support Can I monitor my order's delivery status? Yes, any hiccups with your delivery should be communicated to us promptly either through our email,, or our chat feature. We can aid in tracing the delivery, rectify delivery issues, or address concerns with the products received.

Seeking medical advice for specific conditions? While our team is knowledgeable, we don’t have medically certified personnel. While we can share our personal experiences, it's vital to consult a licensed physician for medical concerns. The insights offered by Nature’s Way Delivery are not a substitute for professional medical guidance.

Taxes and Exemptions Do you impose sales tax on cannabis products? Yes, as per Californian law, all cannabis products sold by Nature’s Way Delivery are subject to the sales tax rate of the delivery location. This estimated tax may vary slightly based on your exact location. Medical marijuana patients holding an MMIC from their local County Department of Health may qualify for certain tax exemptions.

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