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Milk Chocolate

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Brand: One Ups

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  • Description

    Indulge in a psychedelic experience like no other with One Up Chocolate Bar! This delectable treat is infused with psilocybin and a great choice for those looking for a potent and delicious way to consume magic mushrooms. With its rich and creamy flavor, One Up Chocolate Bar is a great choice for both experienced psychonauts and beginners alike.

    \nOne Up Chocolate Bar is known for its potent effects, which can include heightened creativity, introspection, and spiritual experiences. It's perfect for those looking to explore the depths of their consciousness and expand their minds. \n \nWhat sets One Up Chocolate Bar apart from other psilocybin-infused chocolates is its unique flavor profile. The rich and creamy notes make for a delicious and satisfying treat. Plus, the potent effects of psilocybin are sure to leave you feeling enlightened and transformed. \n \nWhether you're an experienced psychonaut or a beginner, One Up Chocolate Bar is a great choice. Its potency and delicious flavor make it a perfect option for a solo journey or a shared psychedelic experience with friends. \n \nSo why wait? Satisfy your craving for something sweet and psychedelic with One Up Chocolate Bar today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment! \n \n 
  • Review
    • 5
      One up Bars

      Posted by DAVID DI CARLO on Sep 12th 2023

      Product is Amazing

    • 5
      Great Chocolate bars, as described

      Posted by Timothy Davis on Jun 22nd 2023

      Smooth transaction and easy shopping. I will order more and shipping was about a week. I recommend this product & company! Definitely happy with my purchase.

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