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Charas Edibles Milk Chocolate Bar 1:1 600MG

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Brand: Charas

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  • Description

    Introducing the Charas Edibles Milk Chocolate Bar 1:1 600MG – a meticulously crafted treat that perfectly blends the therapeutic benefits of both THC and CBD. A confluence of centuries-old traditions with modern infusion techniques, this bar not only satiates your sweet cravings but also provides a balanced euphoric experience. Each bar contains a precise dosage of 300MG THC and 300MG CBD, ensuring consistency and reliability in every bite.

    Flavor Profile:
    Our milk chocolate bar is nothing short of a sensory delight. The primary sensation is one of smooth, velvety milk chocolate that melts effortlessly on the palate. To enhance the richness of the chocolate, undertones of creamy caramel weave in and out, providing a luxurious mouthfeel that makes each bite a truly decadent experience.

    However, what sets this edible apart is the authentic Charas flavor. Sourced from the heartlands of Southeast Asia, Charas is a traditional cannabis resin that's prized for its unique sweet profile. While indulging in our chocolate, expect to be gently introduced to subtle notes of specific cannabis strains. These distinct flavors, reminiscent of the ancient technique of live resin extraction, provide an enchanting hint of the exotic, transporting your senses to the aromatic fields where this treasured resin is cultivated.

    Southeast Asia, with its vast landscapes and age-old traditions, serves as the muse behind this chocolate bar. Charas, a hand-rolled cannabis resin, has been cherished for its potency and distinct flavor for centuries in this region. Our Charas Edibles Milk Chocolate Bar is a tribute to this rich history, combining the cultural essence of Charas with the universally loved profile of milk chocolate.

    Wellness and Experience:
    Beyond its alluring taste, this edible bar offers a unique 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. This ensures that consumers can enjoy the euphoric sensations associated with THC while simultaneously benefiting from the calming effects of CBD. It's a harmonious balance that caters to both recreational users and those seeking therapeutic relief. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or seeking a gentle uplift in spirits, this chocolate bar is poised to deliver.

    Suggested Use:
    Given its potent combination, we recommend starting with a small piece and waiting for up to an hour to gauge its effects. As with all edibles, the experience can vary based on individual metabolism, so it's always wise to consume responsibly.

    The Charas Edibles Milk Chocolate Bar 1:1 600MG is not just another treat – it's an experience. A journey through time and cultures, a celebration of ancient traditions, and a testament to the beauty of balanced wellness. Revel in its creamy decadence, bask in its therapeutic embrace, and let every bite take you on an unparalleled culinary and sensory journey.

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