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Georgia Pie | HHC 2g Infused Blunt

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Brand: Cookies

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  • Description

    Introduction to Cookies Delta 8 Blunts Elevate your smoking experience with Cookies Delta 8 Blunts, a product that seamlessly blends innovation with tradition. These blunts are not just any ordinary cannabis product; they are a fusion of psychoactive Delta 8, CBD, and CBG whole bud flower, inspired by the renowned Cookies flavors. Each blunt is meticulously rolled in a premium hemp wrap and features a glass filter tip, ensuring an even burn and a smooth, satisfying smoke.

    The Unique Composition What sets these Delta 8 Blunts apart is their unique composition. Each blunt contains over 200mg of Delta 8, derived from high-quality hemp. The blunts are entirely free from nicotine and tobacco, making them a pure and potent choice for cannabis enthusiasts. The key ingredients include 100% CBD Hemp Flower, Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8), and terpenes, all combining to create a powerful and enjoyable experience.

    Georgia Pie Delta 8 Blunts Among the variants, the Georgia Pie Delta 8 Blunts stand out with their distinctively sweet aroma, reminiscent of an oven-fresh peach cobbler. The flavor profile complements the aroma perfectly, offering a savory, fresh-baked fruit taste that is both delightful and immersive. The indica-hybrid effects of Georgia Pie make these blunts ideal for those seeking relaxation, whether it's unwinding during a lazy afternoon or easing into a peaceful evening.

    CBD and Cannabinoid Content The CBD content in these blunts is significant, boasting 12.64% (126.36mg/g), while the total cannabinoid content is 25.75% (257.5 mg/g). This rich cannabinoid profile ensures a potent and effective smoking experience, backed by lab-tested quality assurance. Users can view the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for detailed information about the contents and quality of the product.

    Usage Directions and Warnings Cookies Delta 8 Blunts are intended for smokeable use only. It is crucial to adhere to the age restriction of 21 years and above, as the underage sale is strictly prohibited. Users are advised to use the product responsibly, as misuse may result in injury. The product is not evaluated by the FDA for safety or efficiency, and its use during pregnancy or breastfeeding may be harmful. It's important to keep these blunts out of reach of children.

    Health and Safety Notices In line with health and safety regulations, a warning is issued regarding the potential risks of cancer and reproductive harm, as per Users should be aware of these warnings and use the product in accordance with the guidelines provided.

    Cookies Delta 8 Blunts offer a unique, enjoyable, and responsible way to indulge in cannabis, combining quality, flavor, and safety in one innovative product.

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